By: David Purdie
    Grade: 7/10

Aardia is a veteran Swedish group specializing in music of epic fantasy films, not in vain because they have already been composing two soundtracks: "Die Zombiejäger" (2005) and "Dragonetti" (2010). This is Aardias seventh work, and continuing on the path, the album is a kind of fictional soundtrack in the epic tone that you can imagine: the chronicle of a quest for a lost world. It's set in the Tolkien heritage as evil beings beset the sacred fortress of the elves.

Those who already may know the Swedish label Waerloga can really understand what we mean as the production line (catalouge) is well defined: projects, mostly instrumental epic, as if it were soundtracks. Furthermore, the topic is very clear, musical stories fantastic feats in Middle Earth or similar sites with goblins, orcs and elves as protagonists.

In the pages of Mentenebre we have followed the path of bands like Frūmi Za Frūmi much in the line of work that we discussed above. This time some terrible creatures of darkness are about to take over a place called The Ancient Halls. There the elves defend the savage attack.

The story is based on a book not yet published, the third part of The Land of Aardia, a chronicle with different stories of what can be deduced that the band's future work will be inspired by new narratives of these chronicles.

As for the music that we can find, as I said, is a sort of pseudo-orchestral compositions "I'm afraid that all music, except for some elements like the guitar, are generated by computer-dye totally epic. Thus, pianos, drums, strings and choirs will populate this fictional soundtrack.

The narrative aspect is the linchpin of the entire composition. First, the prophecy that, as in all the accounts of the branch is seating, from the beginning the future of the whole story. After the characters are, on one hand the evil legion and the other, the Angel of Misery. Then comes the struggle, conquest, afterwards the pain. The album closes with a kind of hope, all is not lost. Perhaps history will continue in another Aardia legend?

The CD have spectacular moments, no doubt 'Legion of Darkness' is one of the best. It is the presentation of the army of darkness. Great, dark and terrible at the same time. It has great strength and leaves you totally shocked by the rush of adrenaline you produce.

'Halls of insanity' leads to another completely different scene, starting with the quiet of a sweet female voice. Despite the dark touch below. They put a chorus and a dense atmosphere that somehow sully the virginal purity of the lady. The touch of the strings attached with the percussion create an unsettling atmosphere. Another hit from the album.

If you're a freak of Tokien-like work, you are very welcomed to a world that no doubt will be very familiar for you.

A great epic musical album.