Dark Entries

    By: Didier Becu
    Grade: 7/10 stars

Ever heard of Aardia? Even if we don't underestimate the musical knowledge of our readers, we presume that the name for most of you will sound more than obscure. From the first second you get to know this group you will love them.

These three Swedes [Aardia] have worked ten years with composing music for horror films that are doomed to be released immediately on DVD. The album "Conquest of the ancient halls" is a soundtrack, for a film that does not exist.

Once you hear the music, you will inevitably think of a fantasy world where you quite soon wonder why Peter Jackson did not hired these Swedes for composing the music of his Lord Of The Rings trilogy? More than one hour you will be immersed in atmospheric, bombastic music with Slavic choirs in the background ... and yes, sometimes the old Therion surfaced, albeit minus the metal factor!

"Conquest of the ancient halls" is a beautiful drawing that has become at times resembled with the work of film composer Maurice Jarre and actually could be ideal for some fantasy game.

Very nice release that certainly goths with a weakness for the medieval will come to speak about!