DT Magazine (Dark Treasure)

    By: Jim Dickinson

With this debuting release of the experienced Swedish film composers behind Aardia you will be taken on a journey to the time and land of Ancient Halls, prophecies and the mighty warriors who sought to destroy them. While this CD doesn't have the usual obvious theme, which is what I normally prefer, "Conquest of The Ancient Halls" has enough darkness flowing through the majestic neo classical songs it surely appease any fan of dark fantasy.

What is without a doubt the best thing with this album is the epic sound! Simon Kölle, a Swedish film composer mixed this album to utter perfection together with Gustaf Grefberg of Aardia.

Not to downplay the melodies and compositions in themselves, but this album rely on the general sound and works best when the songs build up an atmosphere and then bursts out in a grand and epic way. Legion of Darkness is a great example of one of the better songs on the album and Halls of Insanity is another. Angel of Misfortune takes too long before it breaks out and become majestic but on the other hand it got some great atmosphere.

I could easily see this as a soundtrack for many movies in the fantasy genre. The different tracks bring to life various places. Plains of Sorrow, Halls of Insanity and Ancient Halls. Filling the listener with visions grand halls, wide open twisted landscapes, barren lands, and even great wars.

Aardia has taken a great step being signed by the premium label in the genre and this album is the biggest and best sounding album since last Za Frûmi release. Just listen to it and you can almost feel yourself be taken to another place, a dark fantasy world.

The album is no classical masterpiece but it works fine in this genre and breath roleplay games and fantasy in general.